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About Us

Cognition Financial (formerly The First Marblehead Corporation) was founded in 1991 with the goal of helping students reach their educational goals through access to funding. Cognition Financial has leveraged innovative thinking and analytical rigor to develop innovative financial and technological products for our partners and their clients.

  • Originally, Cognition Financial changed the way educational institutional loans were facilitated.
  • Cognition Financial then changed availability of and access to education loans for students and their families.
  • Through the Monogram Loan platform, along with our lender partners, Cognition Financial changed the structure and flexibility of private student loans.
  • Looking forward, Cognition Financial will marry capital needs with capital resources to develop new, inventive products.
  • The results speak for themselves:
    • Facilitated $23B+ in private student loans

Financial Products

Monogram® Platform

Monogram® Platform: Cognition Financial’s Monogram platform is a fully outsourced, end-to-end private student loan solution for lender clients. The platform is designed to be flexible and helps our lender partners target risk profiles that align with their portfolio objectives. Product offerings include development of a customized private-label program, including a proprietary scorecard, school sales and marketing support, active portfolio management, and loan loss protection.

Company History

First Marblehead launches and begins working with schools to provide loans to students and their families
Begins partnering with lenders to back private student loans
prepGATE, a K-12 private student loan, is introduced
Purchases a student loan origination platform and private student loan database
Launches consumer-based loan products
First Marblehead goes public, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange
Launches Monogram Loan Platform
Company goes private, launches raise^ private student loans funded by First Marblehead Education Resources, inc. to increase access to student loans
Announces move to Boston, MA and company name changes to Cognition Financial (formerly First Marblehead) and Cognition Lending (formerly First Marblehead Education Resources)


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